Saturday at 9 PM

J. Tex & Frank Borgaard

Singer/Songwriter Jens Einer Sorensen aka J. Tex was born in Detroit, Michigan – growing up in Denmark. Playing instruments from the age of 6. Playing for a living on the roads of Europe, mainly in Italy and France in the early 90´ties. The inspiration is clearly from the great wide open, "Dustville" America, but  J. Tex is truly an urban cowboy and at the age of 20 he went back to the States to search for his musical roots starting out his journey in Nashville, Tennessee. With a guitar in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other, he traveled all over the back roads of the South. He had a great companion and mentor in the fire-burning carnival painter and artist "the one legged man" John Heiner. This trip was a lifetime experience for J. Tex – learning the trade of art, and living the wild life on the road. When traveling long hours up and down interstate highway 75, he always found the time for writing songs when jamming with old-timers and everyday Americans.


Saturday at 9:45 PM

Yilan Kabilesi

Yilan Kabilesi ia a Helsinki-based fusion bellydance group. The name means "tribe of snakes" and these enchanting ”snake dancers” perform among other things with deadly sharp swords.



Saturday at 10:30 PM

Fat Chance

Fat Chance was formed 2014 in Helsinki area by five musicians. Based on 1940–50´s era sounds Fat Chance plays swinging rythm'n blues which tempts audienco to dance their socks off.
All band memebers are seasoned root music veterans with previous and current experience palying in groups like Boppin’ Pete Trio,Boogie Machine, The Hogs of Rhythm, The Toreadors, Monaco, Mike Westhues Band,Berryman & Bullet, The Kasino Kings, The Sun Connection and Good Rockin’ & The ShortTimers. And these are just few to mention here…
After original vocalist Ria Korholan left the active service end of the summer 2019 Merikukka Kiviharju stepped in as a new vocalist of Fat Chance. As a skilled jazz singer Merikukka has a voice that fits perfecty to perform black R&B jand she became an organic part of the band fluently. So far Fat Chance has recorded one album published by Goofin’ Records, “Right On Time” (2016) and a vinyl single featuring music from that album. The plan is to get Fat Chance and its new vocalist back to recording studio soonish and produce some new music for the keen audience. At its best rythm'n blues played by Fat Chancen is of course live! Small clubs or big dance halls, anything goes. All is done with full heart and and feeling. For the dancers and listeners equally.


Fat Chance is
Merikukka Kiviharju, voc.
Gona Lehtinen, gtr.
Hessu Pirhonen, p.
Jan Smedberg, b.
Artsi Taskinen, dr.

Saturday starting from half past midnight

Marjo Leinonen & PubliCans

Marjo Leinonen & PubliCans is a swinging funk'n soul band with a rooty kick with bass played by sousaphonist Ville Niemelä... and willfull stage charisma by vocalist Marjo Leinonen who brings you one treat after another with her Full Body Vocalist performance of which she was known for already in the 1990's! Petri Kautto gives no mercy with his quitar performance, Harri Taittonen beats the soul out of keyboards and all is given a furious beat by Sami Vettenranta.  New and old, original and borrowed with cool head and hot heart. Put your best dancing boots on... here we go and there's no standing still!!


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