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Live on Stage!

Rusty Shovel Experience

at 21:00


Central Finland's most notorious outlaw country!
Genuine, rootsy and urban biker atmosphere, legendary American tunes from Merle Haggard to Willie Nelson and David Allan Coe, with fresh arrangements and with fiery additional spices! RSE is a collective that always builds depending on the gig, with soloist Allu Ahlfors pulling the trigger, sometimes from biker garage parties, to pub gigs and bigger festival stages. Now on stage we will see a whole country band, the real Jyväskylä "Good, bad and ugly!"


Hi-Speed Rockets


Hi-Speed Rockets is a fresh Finnish supergroup of roots music. New, yes, only in the sense that the debut album came out in the fall of 2023, even though the rocket engines started for the first time almost a decade ago. The line-up was established in 2020. All four musicians (Alex – vocals and guitar, Gona – guitar, Janne – bass and Hape – drums) have more than 30 years of playing experience. And not everyone has earned the spurs only in roots circles, because the band's soloist Alex Ojasti is also known as a founding member of the dance-pop band Aikakone. The old salt has been thirsting for him for a long time, however, and Alex has returned to the time before the invention of Aikakone, to his first love, rockabilly. Ojasti shows his flexibility as a vocalist, when his voice bends from loud rocking to a delicate love song. On the album, guitarist Gona Lehtinen plays his six strings in several different styles, conjuring soundscapes in the style of Twin Peaks or with an electric rock sound, and continuing with strong jazz nuances. Hape and Janne, on the other hand, cast a solid concrete background kick with a drum set and a double bass.


Hi-Speed Rockets.png

Burlesque Show


Veda DeCadenza

This queen of subtle dirtiness will indulge you with the most decadent delights! Veda DeCadenza is a Helsinki-based burlesque artist and teacher, who entered into the wondrous world of tease in 2015, and that was love at the first grind. For the past nine years Veda has entertained at numerous shows across Europe, and also at burlesque festivals in the USA. Veda's performances are a mix of seductive sensuality, pleasurable playfulness and Old Hollywood glamour, and are inspired by femme fatales, of past and present.

Pepper Sparkles

Pepper Sparkles is the art deco primadonna of Finnish burlesque. She has performed both in Finland and abroad from the year 2009. She is known for her versatile performances, her enchanting moves and her turn-of-the-century inspired eye-catching costuming. Her unique and exquisite acts will propel you into fantastic worlds of wonders, let her flapper you up!


Molly Moonstone

Molly Moonstone is known for her heart stopping voice, dangerous curves and explosive stage charisma; She is not only a singer-songwriter but also a popular artist and burlesque star who has made a career on international stages such as the Berlin Vaudeville Variety Burlesque show, Geneva Burlesque Festival, Tiki Oasis Festival in San Diego, Spellbound Burlesque Show in Phoenix and twice she has been chosen as the only Finn to perform at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender in Las Vegas. Molly has created her career in the burlesque world for the past 10 years and has taught burlesque workshops around the world.


At the first KKShow in 2013, this orchestra performed on the main stage, and now, in honor of the 10th anniversary, they will climb the boards again late Saturday night! Operating for over a decade, Million Dollar Tones is a roots rhythm & an eight-piece band that swears by the name of blues and 50s-style rock'n'roll, where, along with drums, bass, guitar, vocals and piano, the band's sound is enhanced by a three-piece horn section. In the case of this band, there is no lack of breadth on the stage and on the records! In addition to diligently touring Finnish venues, Million Dollar Tones has toured abroad, performing at festivals and clubs in Sweden, Holland, Estonia, Italy and Spain, for example!

Playing in the band:
Antti Pajula – Vocals
Albert Hallikainen – Guitar
Markus Packalén – Double Bass
Marko Lamminmäki – Drums
Matti Roth – Piano
Ari Toivonen – Tenor Sax & Harmonica
Petri Rinta-Opas – Baritone Sax
Ide Miettinen - Trumpets



Million Dollar Tones


Rusty Shovel
Millin Dollar Tones
Hi-Speed Rockets
Burlesque Show
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